Product Reviews

5 stars December 16, 2022  Best MICR Gauge hands down
The best MICR positioning gauges out there. Really helpful in setting the exact position for the MICR line on our company checks. by S. W.

5 stars December 3, 2022  Five Stars
Easy to use plus reduced back and forth communication with Bank. by A. B.

5 stars December 2, 2022  Great Product
Great Product to view where all the data lines up in a check. by M. E.

5 stars October 21, 2022  Perfect solution for aligning the MICR
Perfect solution for aligning the MICR line. We glued a piece of colored construction paper to the back side to provide better contrast against the check. by A. B.

5 stars September 29, 2022  Perfect Tool for our needs
Does the job. Well made. Fast delivery. by J. O.

5 stars September 23, 2022  Five Star
Always worked as expected, used on many projects. by G. W.

5 stars April 30, 2022  Great product, great service
Loved the product and the service by I. H.

5 stars March 19, 2022  Perfect Product!
I can't imagine having a better tool to QA check form reports coming from my developers. by W. B.

5 stars January 18, 2022  Great Product-
This micr gauge is exactly as advertised. It is very easy to use. by J. B.

5 stars December 3, 2021  elfring rocks-
I love this gauge. It has everything you need built in plus printed instructions. Very fast delivery. by N. C.

5 stars November 23, 2021  Great product, fast shipping, worth the price!-
This MICR gauge is great! I've used it in the past, it really speeds up the check layout process and reduces the number of testing cycles with the bank. I'm looking forward to using it again with my current client who is putting in a new accounting system. Definitely worth the price! It also arrived within a couple of days of ordering it. by J. B.

5 stars November 11, 2021  Cut cycle times with the bank - HELPFUL!
This really helped speed up the process of getting our checks approved by our bank. It cut down on the number of cycles of sending check copies (UPS) to the bank because we could validate the positions of the print on the check stock before we sent it to our bank for validation. It was great to be able to just slide the check under the film and know we had it right. Great tool! by N. P.

5 stars November 3, 2021  I can't tell you how much time this has saved!
Can't tell you how much time this has saved me when laying out MICR lines for new bank accounts! I used to eyeball it and I'd have to send several batches to the bank before I'd finally get it right. It's worth every penny. by J. N.

5 stars October 26, 2021  Great Product!
We've been working with a large bank and had to keep sending them sample checks. This gauge allowed us to check the samples before they went out, saving our company time and money. by S. F.

5 stars October 22, 2021  Perfect MICR gauge
Using ELFRING gauge we produced checks and banks approved without any issue. I strongly recommend to use this gauge during development and changes of check. by A. V.

5 stars October 12, 2021  The exact tool needed
The MICR Gauge from Elfring Fonts Inc was the exact tool we needed to add to our arsenal. With the gauge we've been able to ensure that our MICR font size and character spacing is correct. This allows us to ensure our customers continue to have the most accurate alignment on the checks they print from our software. by C. Y.

 September 10, 2021  Five Stars
This is the best check gauge we have purchased. Even our wonderful consultant was able to use it! by D. P.

5 stars August 14, 2021  Absolutely Perfect
This MICR gauge saved us so much time & effort getting things correct on our checks. Thank you for making it so simple! by M. F.

5 stars July 31, 2021  This was THE tool for bank compliance
This is a wonderful product. THE tool for bank compliance. Printed instructions were extremely clear. Standard shipping exceeded all expectations. Thank you very much! by J. W.

5 stars July 27, 2021  This was THE tool for bank compliance
This is just what we needed, arrives super quick by L. P.

5 stars July 15, 2021  Great Tool for Peace of Mind
This gauge is critical for producing our client specific check templates from our software. We ensure our check layouts pass bank all requirements and avoid headaches down the road. Works great! by S.

5 stars July 14, 2021  Works as advertised, not a single thing out of place
This MICR Gauge did exactly what I expected. I was easily able to line up all my checks and position them correctly for both the ANSI and CPA standards. Having the ability to lift the Gauge and put the checks behind it without having to struggle to line it up yourself is a nice feature that I've not seen in other gauges in the past. by Annon

5 stars July 12, 2021  This gauge is perfect
This gauge has worked perfectly, it helped us solve a bank problem that we have been working with for over a month. The gauge had exactly what we were looking for by S. R.

5 stars July 8, 2021  Wish known about this tool sooner
We had an issue for last few weeks adjusting the micr line properly. Using the specs from the line of business and the print vendor recommendations we were unsuccessful every time. The gauge came on time and as described. We used this product for MICR alignment and it really helped. The product most definitely helps us to minimize the development time. The quality of the ruler is great. by A. F.

5 stars June 24, 2021  Don't bank test your checks without it
After a number of failed micr tests with our bank, we bought this gauge and had bank approval within a week. I will never try micr testing without a gauge again. This one is easy to use and worked well for us. Best money our ERP project has spent thus far. by G. R.

 June 4, 2021  Finally a solution!
Excellent product, delivered quickly as promised. We spent nearly 2 months trying to get the proper alignment of the MICR line with our Canadian bank. They would request a batch of 10 checks, then tell us to adjust a particular item, then reject the checks asking us to adjust something else. Finally we purchased this MICR gauge and we got the alignment correct in a single try! Wish we had known about this gauge ahead of time. Could have save weeks of waiting. by B. M.

 May 28, 2021  MICR gauge what a product
I ordered a MICR gauge and it arrived very swiftly. We have customers who order checks from other vendors or have software products they use that do not meet our specifications. With this gauge we will be able to assist those customers in acquiring the appropriate MICR lines for faster processing. by S. T.

 May 16, 2021  High quality gauge
This is one of the higher-end gauges, with the hard backing board where you can firmly insert a check like the picture shows. It would be nice if it came with a protective sleeve, that would help protect from accidental oopsies folding over the plastic while it's stored in your drawer. (This is one of those items you don't have out all the time, it's stored in the drawer 99.9% of the time. But when you need it, you need it undamaged!) by B. J.

 Mar 28, 2021  A must have...
A must have if your accounting software prints on blank check stock. Arrived quickly and helped get check numbers back on the bank statements. by A. Z.

 February 9, 2021  Very helpful
This gauge was very helpful in setting up our checks accurately before sending them to the bank for testing. Before getting the gauge and went back and forth between the bank and not accomplishing anything. Excellent product. by S. W.

 February 5, 2021  Arrived in excellent shape
Arrived quickly in excellent shape and was just what we needed! Exactly what I was looking for to fix bank problems. Very pleased. by N. K.

 January 30, 2021  Very Satisfied
Great product and service. Exactly what we were looking for. It's a great tool. Very pleased and very satisfied. by M. I.

 January 22, 2021  MICR Gauge for Business
Product was delivered quickly and was exactly as described. Price was good and materials are good quality and seems that it will last for quite some time. Overall impression is positive with the product. by J. H.

 January 12, 2021  Best Check Position Gauge
We needed a check position gauge to help us pass the bank reviews of our checks. This gauge has really saved us a lot of time in getting the checks to pass the bank review. by D. G.

 December 18, 2020  Very Good MICR Ruler
This is the best MICR ruler available anywhere. Much better and more sturdy than the other products I've found. If you are testing checks for your business or institution, you need to have one. This will eliminate wasteful and expensive testing with your bank. It clearly tells you where your MICR line should be. The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is because I believe the ruler itself should come with some kind of holder or sleeve. I had bought a MICR ruler 10 years ago at another institution and it came with a plastic sleeve, kind of like a checkbook holder, that protected it and kept the papers telling you how to use it nice and neat. I wish this one came with something similar. by S. C.

 December 9, 2020  Works like a charm
Exactly what my company was looking for. Works perfectly for us. Holds check in place while we assess the measurements. Great product. by R. G.

 October 28, 2020  A perfect MICR gauge
We needed a MICR check position gauge at work. This gauge has the proper alignment for both the US and Canadian checks. The foam board on the back of the gauge keeps it from bending or breaking the gauge itself. The built in guidelines show determine if your check is in proper alignment. It is a very nice gauge and pricing is very reasonable. by S.

 October 11, 2020  Exceptional quality
This is a high quality MICR check gauge. We own several. Both the build material and accuracy are extremely good. All markings and measurement lines are crisp and blemish free. Strongly recommend this product and the seller plus it had really fast shipping. by D. H.

 September 5, 2020  A "must have" for anyone configuring check printing software
We updated our checking printing software and needed to layout professional, ANSI x9.100-160-1-2009 compliant MICR checks. This MICR Check Position Gauge from Elfring enabled us to do this quickly and easily. With it we confirmed that our printed output matched the configuration and would be accepted by our bank. It's a great tool for anyone doing this for the first time or the 25th. by B. F.

 August 29, 2020  Extremely Fast Shipping, Very Detailed Gauge
I received this gauge in a single business day! I'm in the same state as the seller but still, Elfring that shipping was extremely fast! The check gauge contains more information on it than most of the other ones we could find but is still very easy to read. I appreciate having the tolerances written on the gauge as well. This will come in very handy. The price is outstanding as well. Thanks for the great product! by M. B.

 August 15, 2020  Great tool!
I was able to align my MICR code line for bank approval. I am very pleased with this purchase. The other gauges we found were not easy to use. by L. L.

 August 13, 2020  Great Check and measurement tool
This design with the flexible transparent sheet glued to a sturdy card works remarkably well: with other rulers it is hard to keep the check in the right place, here the check is held just where it is supposed to be. The instruction manual is great, who knew you could have so many different features on one ruler? I was a bit surprised that the all measurements were in "decimal" notation mainly because some third party documentation I have for MICR uses fractional notation (3 3/4) but it makes sense since the ANSI documentation uses decimal notation. This helped us a lot with our check printing product. by A. B.

 August 7, 2020  Absolutely best tool for MICR placement & verification
Impressed with quality of this gauge. Very solid, and not flimsy. The two-ply design of the gauge helps align checks properly instead of a single overlap type gauge. Reduced the work necessary for us to achieve perfect MICR alignment. by IT

 June 20, 2020  Excellent product for checking MICR lines
This product solves lot of headaches of adjusting check printing with MICR line. I wish I had before so I could have saved much time with banks and CPA format. Getting second gauge for other branch. by S. S.

 May 24, 2020  Great Product!
Quick/accurate. A fast easy way to confirm that our layout is right. I would recommend this product to any manufacturer of banking forms or people laying out checks. by D. S.